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Housed on Facebook, the Entrepreneurs Rising community is a place for mission-based entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses and use their platforms to impact the most important issues of today. There's too much going on in the world right now for us to play small or be afraid of speaking out! So let's rise, together.

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Join a group of  entrepreneurs dedicated to growing their companies in a smart, aligned way that also makes a major social impact. According to a Harvard Business Review article: “Companies that practice conscious capitalism perform 10x better than capitalism-focused companies alone.” It’s time to embody the impact we’ll make when we do business in a different way, together.

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1 on 1 Coaching

Ready to dive deep into your next-level with direct mentorship? Private coaching with Sumi is right for the business owner ready to invest in high-touch, personal support. Perfect for you whether you’re in a life transition, looking to make a significant leap in your business and/or just need someone who can serve as your pseudo-‘biz partner’ to support your growth and impact.

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Meet Sumi

For many years I thought building a business meant all masculine, all the time. Getting things done fast, head down, being a robot -- that was my model for success. In the process of building K4 Solutions, Inc. into a multi-million dollar enterprise with over 200 employees, I feel I lost a lot of who I was as a woman.  I forgot about art. I forgot about play. I forgot about beauty. I forgot about what makes life worth living! For the past 7 years,  I've been recommitting to what's truly important. Learning to be a better citizen, a better daughter a better sister and a better partner.  Learning to lead with more heart. More soul.  And now, I've launched this movement called "Entrepreneurs Rising" to support other sisters who also believe that business can and should be "conscious." We need more heart in business; we need more heart in politics. We can't ignore the ecosystem we live in and we can't ignore how our decisions affect others.  Check out the "Who We Are" section for our manifesto and I hope you'll join us!

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Our online Facebook group is the perfect place for entrepreneurs looking to expand their business, create a greater level of positive impact, and learn from a global community.