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"Sumi has the heart, passion, conviction, and talent required to truly inspire and transform millions of women's lives. She is a gift to this planet, and I'm looking forward to serving beside her. "

- Lisa Nichols
Best Selling Author and Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Motivating the Masses, Inc

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“I was struggling with moving my current business from a primarily one to one, face to face platform to a virtual/online platform. After working with Sumi I not only received all of the steps for how to accomplish this but also who I should add to my team to make this process easier and more profitable. Sumi gave my dream business life again when I thought I had already tried everything.”

-Stefanie Novak;

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“Sumi is one of the most passionate, talented, and committed leaders I have ever worked with. Her leadership is not just inspiring; it's contagious.”

-Jesse Grainger
Director, New Initiatives at Agora Partnerships

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“...This was 100% worth my time, money and energy. I received so much support, love and fresh ideas from Sumi and the other women….This was priceless. Sumi is warm, gentle, loving and inspiring. She clearly practices what she preaches -- gratitude, being and seeing the divine spark in everyone and BEING love.”

-Carin Rockind
The “Happiness Guru”

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“What makes Sumi different than most business coaches is that she has actually experienced what it takes to build a successful, leveraged business AND she has walked her talk in terms of creating her own personal dreams and lifestyle goals. Sumi has taught me that more is possible than most of us imagine. ”

-Alison Cardy
CEO, Cardy Career Coaching

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Entrepreneurs Rising Community

We are a global community of entrepreneurs looking to make a positive social impact, whether that be social, civic, or political. Our online community is a space for conversation, advice, and diving deep into the work that we are passionate about. In addition to the open forum, each week Sumi Krishnan holds a LIVE segment called "Coffee Conversations" to answer members’ current business and life questions.

Note: This group is for already-established entrepreneurs looking to scale.

Online Retreat


Join a group of entrepreneurs dedicated to building a truly soul-aligned company. This one day online experience will help you Seamlessly build social impact into your company, get clear on your offerings, pricing, and strategy, and help you lead from a truly integrative place, standing proud of your values and principles. Leave the retreat connected to like-minded individuals and with a tangible 90 day action plan to move you forwards.  

Learn more and sign up. 


One on One Coaching

Ready to dive deep into your next-level with direct mentorship? Private coaching with Sumi is right for the business owner ready to invest in high-touch, personal support. Perfect for you whether you’re in a life transition, looking to make a significant leap in your business and/or just need someone who can serve as your pseudo-‘biz partner’ to support your growth and impact.

Why Coach with Sumi?

As an entrepreneur, journalist, and passionate activist, Sumi Krishnan is best know for having grown K4 Solutions, Inc. into a 200-person firm providing health and disaster support to underserved areas and national security solutions to the federal government. She has also been a founding partner of a health & fitness startup, a digital marketing agency and has received an M.P.A. from the Harvard Kennedy School. Now, Sumi is working on building a global community of women leaders who are growing businesses and affecting the biggest social issues of our time. Will you join us?

Join our Community

Our online Facebook group is the perfect place for entrepreneurs looking to expand their business, create a greater level of positive impact, and learn from a global community.