Founded by Sumi Krishnan, Entrepreneurs Rising is a coaching academy and social movement helping to build companies that serve and move humanity forwards. We do this through a variety of coaching and community offerings ranging from a free support community for entrepreneurs to one day retreats and individual coaching. Interested in learning what we value most? Continue below to our full manifesto.


Meet the Team

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Sumi Krishnan

Founder & CEO

As an entrepreneur, journalist, and passionate activist, Sumi Krishnan is best know for having grown K4 Solutions, Inc. into a 200-person firm providing health and disaster support to underserved areas and national security solutions to the federal government. She has also been a founding partner of a health & fitness startup, a digital marketing agency and has received an M.P.A. from the Harvard Kennedy School. Now, Sumi is working on building a global community of women leaders who are growing businesses and affecting the biggest social issues of our time.

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Michelle Thomas

Marketing & Design Manager

Michelle has a background that spans marketing, graphic design, and education. Having taught at or created content for educational institutions such as Harvard Medical School, the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Museum of Science (Boston), and Urbanity Dance, she has a passion for combining learning experiences and storytelling to build community. She is also an published LGBTQ+ children's book author, and has a constant case of hiccups.

The Entrepreneurs Rising Manifesto

Our Approach

We value people, purpose and profits.

We make decisions holistically and create a lasting positive impact in the world.

We know that real leadership requires empathy.

Making decisions with compassion and kindness and uplifting others are what define success.

We are boldly ourselves and speak up with integrity.

The hearts and minds that hold love and good intention should never be silent. We speak up and stand up for what we believe in and we do not succumb to people-pleasing in order to get ahead. We are boldly ourselves and true to our values and we do not sway in the wind of people’s opinions.

We care for the world as we care for our families.

We stay informed and aware of what’s going on in the world and understand that social and political issues are intimately related to our individual values.  

We believe in personal growth.

And a big life full of meaningful relationships and positive contribution.

We defend truth.

We support the arts. We appreciate the beauty of life. We ardently support the free press and the pillars of democracy and believe all persons are inherently good and equal.


We believe that when you stand for something, others stand with you.


Our Story

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